One Woman.

One Fashionable Dream.


Beth McKean


 With a passion for fashion, art, healing & music, Beth is all about energy.  Beth took her natural love for vibrant, casual  street wear clothing and began her own ready-to-wear line inspired by street culture - all created with recycled or end of roll materials that are saved from ending in the landfill. She describes the first piece she ever made as being created from a favourite mohair sweater whose sleeves and body had gotten too short.  By then taking other worn (but still good) sweaters, she created what is now the base idea for the sweater dress.


Her dream is to continue to expand her creative designs while keeping up with the growing demand for her unique clothing.  Beth is truly a bright spirit with natural creative mind and spirit. Beth now lives in her cozy bohemian-style home in Orillia, Ontario with her husband, 3 amazing daughters, and two beautiful dogs. She’s one of those people who has a truly funky and fun spirit with a contagious energy that clearly gets sewn into every stitch.



 When I designed  my first  piece of Upcycled Clothing, I had no idea that it would evolve into something so amazing.  Every day I get to immerse myself into  my passion which is always inspired by life, family and art.


As I work to create one-of-a kind pieces, I always have in my mind that I want to connect with the artful, stylish, and playful side of an every day woman.  I am always looking to give them unique pieces that are above all - comfortable.


There‘s one beautiful thing about  Hip Chick Design Canada's growing popularity: it is the energy and feedback that I get from all the gorgeous Hip  Chicks I have the pleasure of designing for.  Happy shopping everybody!

I love seeing your awesome faces.

Beth McKean

I love Beth’s very unique designs and colour schemes! Having a whole collection of Hip Chick things - hat, scarf, tunic, bum warmers, skort, bag - that are beautiful and original makes me proud to wear them, and when I do, people ask me where I got them! Can’t wait to see what other designs she comes up with.

Glo, Orillia

I LOVE my Hip Chick clothes and get so many compliments on them. My favourites are my grey shawl made from old sweaters and my blue tunic dress that I wear over leggings. They are unique, comfy and made from upcycled fabrics so you can feel good about what you wear ethically and personally. Each item has its own unique character and Beth's clothes fit real people! They also wash well and seams are holding up several years since I bought them.

Kristin Ottawa